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THOUSANDFOLD is a floral design studio based on San Francisco Bay Area. It is led by Dahee Han that specializes in weddings and events design. 


This name was inspired by the word in the poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. The definition of THOUSANDFOLD is something that is a thousand times more than something else.


The mission of THOUSANDFOLD is to serve clients' emotional and sentimental needs with top quality floral products.

Dahee was born in South Korea and studied Floristry in CCSF. She likes getting inspired by traveling new places and natures. However, her breathtaking places are home with her husband Zachary and her favorite local cafe in her neighborhood. 


With love of flowers, She wants to be a person who sticks to this field for her lifetime and make timeless floral designs over trends.

Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke
흰색 꽃

Let your beauty manifest itself

without talking and calculation.

You are silent.

It says for you; I am.

And comes in meaning thousandfold,

comes at long last over everyone.

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